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Coconut Cream Oolong Tea

Coconut Cream Oolong Tea

SKU: C-0369

Introducing our Coconut Cream Oolong Tea, made with high quality oolong green tea and flakes of coconut! This delightful blend not only makes a satisfying hot tea, but also an utterly delish iced tea for those warm summer days. Montana Farmacy's award winning tea selections are known the world over for quality, taste and enjoyment, and this Coconut Cream Oolong is no exception. Packaged in a charming glass jar, it makes a wonderful gift and is the perfect addition to a gift basket. With ingredients like milk oolong and dried shredded coconut, this tea is sure to be a hit with any tea enthusiast!

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    Made in USA

    Montana Farmacy

    Caffeine Content: Medium

    Shelf-Life: 24-36 months

    Ingredients:Milk oolong, dried shredded coconut

    *ALLERGEN* Contains Coconut

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