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Luna Moth TemporaryTattoo

Luna Moth TemporaryTattoo

SKU: C-0445

Embrace the ethereal beauty of the Luna Moth with this unique temporary tattoo. Inspired by the graceful and delicate nature of these creatures, this hand-drawn design captures the intricate details of the moth's eye-shaped patterns. Each wing also features the unmistakable elongated double ribbon-like tail that makes the Luna Moth so captivating. The addition of a crescent moon above the moth's wide wingspan adds an extra touch of mystery to this striking design. Whether you're drawn to the symbolism of transformation and rebirth associated with the Luna Moth, or simply appreciate its enchanting appearance, this temporary tattoo is a beautiful and temporary way to adorn yourself with this awe-inspiring insect. 


Lasting 2-5 days, these water-resistant and comfortable tattoos are also skin-safe, providing a worry-free experience. Each design is an original creation by Allison Wilcoxen in TX, making them a truly unique and special gift for yourself or a loved one. 

Fun body art without the commitment makes them perfect for group activities, a night out, festivals, or just because!

  • Product Information:

    • Lasts 2-5 days
    • Water-resistant 
    • Comfortable 
    • Skin SafeAll original designs by Allison Wilcoxen in Austin, Texas.
    • Made in United States
    • Product Language: English
    • Weight: 0.1 oz (2.83 g)
    • Product Materials: Vegan
    • Production: Ethically sourced

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