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Mother's Little helper pill box

Mother's Little Helper Pill Box

SKU: C-0344

Introducing the perfect gift for every hardworking mom out there - the Mother's Little Helper Pill Box! This stylish and practical pillbox is made of fine chrome and features 2 compartments, making it ideal for organizing those essential little pills that, as the Rolling Stones put it, "helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day." 


With a compact size of 2" in diameter and 5/8" thick, it easily fits into purses, pockets, or bags, so Mom can take it with her wherever she goes. Whether it's vitamins, pain relief, or a little boost of energy, this pillbox is just what Mom needs to stay organized and ready to take on the day. Treat your mom to this thoughtful and functional gift that she'll appreciate every time she reaches for her "little magic wonders".


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