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Spring Insect Garland

Spring Insect Garland

SKU: C-0303

Featuring the three harbingers of spring- a bumble bee, butterfly, and ladybug - this wall art adds a delightful touch of nature to you abode. Each piece is crafted from 1/8th inch thick birch wood and strung together using a brown vegan leather cord for a natural and eco-friendly feel. The detailed engravings on the front of each bug add a whimsical and charming touch to the garland, making it a unique statement piece for any nature enthusiast. Pay homage to a gardener's best friends with this quirky garland, and bring the wonders of the outdoors inside!


CSAcreative-Made in United States of America


-largest insect  is 6" wide

-3 individual bugs

-Crafted from birch wood

-1/8th inch thick

-Engraved detail on front

-Vegan Leather Cord

-Stained Black

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