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Curioaks was founded for a curious few. If your thirst for history and an old world gets the best of you... if you are a born wanderer... if the conventional is just too mundane... Curioaks is the place for you. 

A blend of timeless elegance and vintage frivolities, we seek only the best small brands and manufacturers for your gift-giving needs. Being a small family business ourselves, we take pride in showcasing unique, quality items. Our curated goods are stocked on-location, and never drop-shipped. We are constantly on the lookout for niche brands to carry, ways to improve our offerings, and product suggestions! Don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions, feedback, and reviews! We hope our attention to detail will thrill and amaze you!


Our passion lies in creating an extraordinary experience. The team at Curioaks endeavors to curate quality artifacts and nostalgia in equal measure. We invite you to peruse our emporium of curios and novelty gifts and see what you will find!

OUR Packaging

In order to provide you with the best Curioaks experience, we wanted our packaging to reflect all the qualities we admire; to be uniquely useful, to possess a vintage charm, and to be eco-friendly. Wood wool, or excelsior, is a fully recyclable void filler made from timber. It can be re-purposed in a multitude of ways! Use it as a fire starter, compost, in plant pots or gardens, as small animal bedding, and more!

If you've ever opened a wax-sealed letter, you may have felt that it added gravitas to whatever was written inside. We want our thank you notes to feel personal to you, and have it authentically reflect our thanks and admiration for choosing Curioaks!


Kailey B.

“So stoked on my first Curioaks order! It's some of the coolest stuff I never knew I needed in one place! My favorite is probably the literature themed tea 'book' with matcha powder inside!"

Levi S.

"I loved it all! I just wanted to appreciate everything! I love the Harry Potter keychains! I'm definitely spreading the word about you guys!"

Jennifer R.

“I found the most perfect gifts at Curioaks! They add a special touch to each order. I bought moon-themed gifts and the antique-looking envelopes were sealed with hot wax and stamped closed. Highly recommend, not your ordinary gifting place!

Meet Our Small Brands

Curious about the brands you see in our Cabinet of Curiosities? We love to support small, artisanal, and creative brands that produce unique goods. Our Curators at Curioaks focus on quality with a personal touch and an artistic flair. Contact to recommend brands, products, or other creative pursuits! 

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