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Calamity Jane's Lip Balm

Calamity Jane's Lip Balm

SKU: C-0329

Is a little-bitty kiss from yer sweetie feelin’ like a scorpion with a bullwhip?


Saddle up and get ready to lasso in some smooth, supple lips with Calamity Jane's Legendary Lip Elixir! With a delightful eucalyptus mint flavor, this legendary lip elixir will leave your pout feeling as refreshing as a mountain stream. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips that feel as rough as a cobblestone road, and hello to a velvety softness that'll have your sweetie puckering up for more. Made with natural ingredients, this lip balm will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the Wild West with confidence. So wrangle up your own Calamity Jane's lip balm and let your lips be the talk of the town.


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