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Celtic Knot Wax Seal Kit

Celtic Knot Wax Seal Kit

SKU: C-0289

Add some ancient mystery to your snail mail with the Celtic Knot wax seal kit.


These convenient wax seal kits feature popular wax seal stamp designs in a deluxe gift-box. Each kit contains 1 wax seal with a complementing flexible sealing wax stick and instructions. These hand-crafted brass wax seal stampers are exclusively made in Florence, Italy, since 1956, ensuring high quality and attention to detail! This is not a cheap reproduction! Perfect for history buffs, lovers of the ancient traditions of the Celts, or anyone who appreciates the art of a well-sealed letter. Each Handle is 1 1/2" Tall and creates a 3/4" oval or round impression depending on design.


100% mailable sealing wax

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