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FLIKR Fireplace

FLIKR Fireplace

SKU: C-0009
$94.99 Regular Price
$61.74Sale Price

FLÎKR Fire is the perfect functional and sophisticated addition to your space. Enjoy its warm glow while you sip your coffee or tea with a good book. Utilize its ambient light to set the mood for a dinner party with friends. Too cold outside to enjoy a bonfire roasted marshmallow? FLÎKR allows you to bring the best part of camping indoors! Its small size allows you to take it anywhere, anytime! Camping, Porch, Living Room, Bedroom. The possibilities are truly endless! 


FLÎKR operates on isopropyl alcohol, an inexpensive, readily available fuel that is clean-burning, and safe to cook over. Use in well-ventilated rooms (300sq.ft or more) on a solid surface. Keep away from flammable elements (such as fabrics, curtains, etc)


Made from a proprietary blend of cement, in America.

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