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Freud's Oral Fixation Lip Balm

Freud's Oral Fixation Lip Balm

SKU: C-0326


So you have chapped lips? Stop blaming your mother.


Introducing Freud's Oral Fixation Lip Balm - the perfect solution for your chapped lips. This lip balm begins cooling and soothing in the time it takes to say “subliminal,” providing instant relief and hydration. Made with a refreshing eucalyptus mint flavor, you'll feel better after your first session with this unique product. Freud’s Oral Fixation is the lip balm you've been yearning for, because let's face it, who doesn't want their lips to feel and look their best? Add this must-have item to your collection or gift it to a friend - either way, you won't be disappointed.


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