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Grip Reaper Guitar Grip -Right

Grip Reaper Guitar Grip -Right

SKU: 0672975377588

The Grip Reaper Guitar Grip comes ready to shred in bone-chilling detail!


This eerie guitar grip features a detailed resin rendering of the Grim Reaper's bony hand, with life-like detailing and a haunting presence. This deathly grip will keep your stringed instrument (and more!) secure without sacrificing goulish style. Why settle for a regular guitar grip when you can have one that will send shivers down the spine?

Each grip is custom made and hand-aged in gruesome detail; no two grips will look alike! 


Dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 5"  2lb

  • Additional Details:

    • A cushioned insert protects the neck of your guitar/bass/banjo or other instruments.
    • Suitable for most string instruments & more.
    • Cast in high-quality resin with extreme detail, tinted aged bone finish.
    • Padded felt at the base to protect wall from damage.
    • Easy to install, with an embedded ¼ inch 20 count steel post.
    • Swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks.
    • Standard mounting hardware included.
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