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Jane Austen's Finest Lip Balm

Jane Austen's Finest Lip Balm

SKU: C-0324

Introducing Jane Austen's Finest Lip Balm, the perfect solution for stale breath and dry lips. Infused with Pemberley peppermint flavor, this lip balm will make all your bluster fresher, just like a breath of fresh air. As Jane Austen once wrote in her beloved novel, Pride and Prejudice, "I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine." But with this delightful peppermint lip balm, you won't have to forgive anyone's pride, as your lips will be perfectly moisturized and smelling oh-so-fresh. Treat yourself or a fellow Jane Austen aficionado to this delightful lip balm, and let your lips be as alluring as the prose of a classic Austen novel.


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