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Pirate Gremlin Bell

Pirate Gremlin Bell

SKU: C-0085

A pirate gremlin bell to save yer booty, ARRRGH!


The legend of the Gremlin Bell is a haunting story of a grizzled old biker beset by road gremlins-those evil spirits who cause all manner of mishaps for bikers on the road; potholes, loose gravel, equipment malfunctions, etc. Across cultures and customs, bells are believed to banish evil spirits. After being beaten and bloodied, the old biker turns to his only weapon, the bells in his saddlebag, which confuse the gremlins and alert nearby bikers of his trouble. As the legend goes, the protective power of a gremlin bell, hung anywhere on the bike, but typically on the lowest part, will guard against the traps and tricks of road gremlins. According to tradition, the bell must be bought and gifted by a friend or loved one for its protective effect. 


Each Guardian Gremlin Bell comes with a black velvet drawstring pouch, a keyring, and a card with the Legend of the Gremlin Bell. 

Bells measure approx. 0.75" x 1"

Weight: 1.5oz

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