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Romeo & Juliet "Read My Lip" Balm

Romeo & Juliet "Read My Lip" Balm

SKU: C-0328

Introducing the Romeo & Juliet "Read My Lip" Balm, a literary-inspired lip balm that will have you feeling like Shakespearean royalty. Each clever label of UPG's Read My Lip Balm is hiding a literary wonder under wraps, with a little poetry, whimsey, and drama to savor every time you reapply. The Pear of Star-Cross'd Lovers flavor will leave your lips feeling smooth and refreshed, perfect for a kiss! Under the wrapper, you'll find an excerpt from Shakespeare's iconic balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Whether you're a fan of classic literature or just love a good lip balm, this Romeo & Juliet "Read My Lip" Balm is the perfect addition to your makeup bag. Treat yourself or a fellow book lover to this delightful and indulgent lip balm!


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