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Bird - Shenanigans Magnet

Shenanigans Magnet

SKU: C-0003

"I've never been one to half-ass shenanigans"


The Shenanigans Magnet is the perfect way to add some fun and mischief to your refrigerator or magnetic surface! This high-quality magnet features a playful design with vibrant colors and whimsical lettering, making it a great addition to any kitchen or office space. Measuring 2 inches in diameter, it's the ideal size for holding up your favorite photos, notes, and other important reminders. Whether you're a lover of all things silly or just looking to add a little bit of humor to your surroundings, the Shenanigans Magnet is sure to bring a smile to your face. It also makes for a fantastic gift for friends and family who enjoy lighthearted and entertaining decorations. 

  • Product Information:

    • Refrigerator Magnet 
    • 2.125 x 3.125 inches
    • design by Mincing Mockingbird
    • Made in China 
    • Weight: 0.64 oz (18.14 g)
  • Stock:


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