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Tree of Life Wax Seal Kit

Tree of Life Wax Seal Kit

SKU: C-0292

Embrace the art of traditional letter writing with the Tree of Life wax seal and stamp kit, and bring old world charm to your correspondence!


These convenient wax seal kits feature popular wax seal stamp designs in a deluxe gift-box. Each kit contains 1 wax seal with a complementing flexible sealing wax stick and instructions. These hand-crafted brass wax seal stampers are exclusively made in Florence, Italy, since 1956, ensuring high quality and attention to detail! This is not a cheap reproduction! Featuring the symbolic Tree of Life, affix this iconic motif to your heartfelt letter or a finishing touch to handmade crafts. The perfect gift for history buffs, fantasy enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the art of letter writing. Each Handle is 1 1/2" Tall and creates a 3/4" oval or round impression depending on design.


100% mailable sealing wax

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