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Wonderland Passport Notebook

Wonderland Passport Notebook

SKU: C-0336

Get ready to journey down the rabbit hole with our Wonderland Passport Notebook! This 3.5" x 5" notebook is designed to look just like an official passport, but instead of stamps, it's filled with 64 pages for you to fill with your own adventures. Complete with whimsical quotes and travel tips inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic tale, this notebook is perfect for jotting down all your curious musings and wanderlust-fueled thoughts. Whether you're planning a trip to Wonderland or just need a handy place to keep your thoughts, this passport notebook is a must-have for any literary enthusiast or travel lover. So, grab your pen, let your imagination roam free, and embark on your own fantastical adventure with our Wonderland Passport Notebook.


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