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Journey to the Marshall County Blueberry Festival

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Blueberry Festival Carnival Game with prizes
Picture cred: Curioaks LLC. A carnival game with prizes. Circa Blueberry Festival 2022

The night air was crisp but filled with the hot energy of people and machines still warmed by the vivid summer sun that had just set. The sky was filled with the stars and the glow of carnival bulbs, brightly illuminating the painted faces of overtired and overjoyed children and their indulgent but exhausted parents. Music chimed from each ride like a modern hurdy-gurdy accompanying shrill screams of excitement. There arrived a palpable shift in the breeze. The evening of childish delights gave way to the night of carnival adolescence, where teens and young adults run amok in groups chasing the next thrill, drunk on the feeling of freedom that only the cover of darkness and the absence of sensible elders can give them. It's the scene played out every summer at local fairs and festivals, one just as alike as another. But within one of these palisades of pleasure, there lurks a booth of curious things, where young and old alike can escape the mundane and acquire a curio, buy a bauble, or invest in a trinket. The thrill of the find is never greater than at the booth of Curioaks, the newest vendor at the Blueberry Festival in Marshall County, Indiana!

Now that the scene is set in your mind, allow us to introduce this merchant of novelties, who so fiendishly hands out delectations and delights to unsuspecting festival-goers. Curioaks by name, and Curious by nature, this purveyor of curios is an odd establishment of gifts and novelties for the ones who seek the unique antiquities that this world has to offer. From teas and exotic scents to flasks and moody decor, each item is a distinctive giftable for distinguished tastes. Shiny brass, cast iron, and old-fashioned paper goods fill the black tent to the brim, the depths of which call out to passersby as the void...

a grainy grunge photo of Blueberry Festival merry-go-round
Picture Cred: Curioaks LLC. Blueberry Festival Merry-go-round. Circa 2022

You won't regret venturing into this inky inner sanctum, existing here only for a short time. As you flit from booth to booth, taking in all the sights, sounds, and scents of bustling people, fried foods, and festive live music, make certain you find your way to the one tent that's sure to prove in a class by itself. As yet, the preparations for the festival are still underway, the park in the center of the small city of Plymouth, lies still vacant of red-and-white-striped circus tents and food trucks. The vision we crafted so carefully before has yet to come to pass. Rest assured, however, that the team at Curioaks is steadily at work even now, crafting and polishing an experience for the average festival-goer that they won't soon forget! As the audience waits for the first dimming of the lights and a hush to fall upon the chattering crowd, so we wait for the first day to dawn on The Marshall County Blueberry Festival, to be thrilled and amazed by the hard work of crafters, laborers, and volunteers. Let's set the stage!

Named for the once-prosperous blueberry crop of Marshall County, which at its peak supplied one-third of Indiana's blueberries, the Blueberry Festival is replete with the eponymous berry in all forms. Blueberry donuts, blueberry ice cream, blueberry breads and spreads, while deliciously satisfying on a hot day, are not all that the festival has to offer. Come Labor Day weekend, thousands upon thousands will descend on Centennial Park for Indiana's largest 4-day festival to enjoy carnival games and rides, food trucks galore, artisans and commercial vendors of all kinds, and live music and entertainment set at multiple stages in each corner of the park. While the event is non-alcoholic in order to remain family-friendly, a Beer Garden will play host to those over the age of 21 in a designated area for adult socializing and the ever-popular game of Corn Hole. A grand fireworks spectacle and hot air balloon glow draw in the festival's largest crowd the evening before the local Labor Day Parade. This year, the 57th annual festival runs from August 31st to September 4th, 2023. The parade crowns the final day of this impressive small-town extravaganza.

It will be somewhere in this throng of colorful wares, that the black Curioaks tent will make an appearance! Guaranteed to offer fun and novelty the likes of which the festival has never seen before, each guest will be welcomed into a treasure trove of tchotchkes, literary gems, and unique gifts for the upcoming holidays! Festival purchases always make for the most one-of-a-kind presents!

As a little extra fun for Curioaks fans, a special giveaway is planned! Each visitor to mention that they are a Curioaks follower on any of our socials, will receive a special SWAG gift (no purchase necessary, and as supplies last)! But that's not all--subscribe to The Curioaks Post, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a Grand Prize as a token of our thanks! Extra entries can be earned if you tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your favorite find or purchase! If you're already a subscriber, then fret not! You are automatically entered!

Come see us at the Marshall County Blueberry Festival written over a picture of a carnival game
Come see us at the Marshall County Blueberry Festival

The countdown to the Blueberry Festival begins NOW! Follow our journey on Instagram and Facebook as we show you a little of the behind-the-scenes work that it takes to bring the magic! We can't wait to see you at Curioaks' premier event! Plan on grabbing a funnel cake, fresh hot pretzel, steak tips, or street taco, and then head over to Curioaks! Find us--if you can!

Stay Curious~

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