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The Legend of the Gremlin Bell

Dust from the lonely desert road billowed in his wake, as he turned his bike onto the highway and hit the throttle, anxious to return home from his long trip. The old, gray-bearded biker felt like Santa with his sack of small toys, whistles, and trinkets tucked away in his leather saddlebags --gifts intended for the little orphans at the local orphanage in his hometown. He could hardly wait to see the looks on their faces as he handed out the precious cargo to its intended recipients, who already lived with such lack. Maybe it was this preoccupation that allowed the road gremlins to gain the upper hand. Maybe it was simply a road-weary biker, too fatigued to be traveling barren roads in the dim twilight...

The Legend of the Gremlin Bell, or Guardian Bell as it is sometimes known, is a tale of a wizened old biker, beset by road gremlins-those pesky beings who are to blame for all manner of misfortune for a motorcyclist on the road, from dangerously deep potholes and treacherous road obstructions to engine and equipment malfunctions. Wherever he is coming from to wherever he is going, the spirit of the tale remains the same-the biker is your grandfather, your best friend, or your brother. He is the figurehead for your loved ones whenever they ride off into the distance. This age-old gift-giving tradition is a symbol of your love, best wishes, and prayers for safety.

As the legend goes, the road gremlins' sole purpose is to use all manner of mayhem to cause unsuspecting bikers to crash; chasing critters into crossing the road at unfortunate moments, digging potholes deeper, sweeping loose gravel into the roadway, setting old mufflers at the end of a blind curve, causing engines to leak and batteries to die, making belts break and tires flat. A biker's only recourse is to remain ever vigilant and rely on the prayers and good wishes of his loved ones. And perhaps one more thing...the tiny tinkle of a Guardian Bell. Bells have long been associated with the banishing of evil spirits, across many cultures and beliefs. The sound is unbearable to the little creatures, disorienting them until the motorist has a chance to speed safely away.

The Legend of the Gremlin Bell gives our biker a happy ending. He laid his bike down and tumbled into a ditch, surrounded by the hate-some creatures intent on finishing him off. Too injured to get back on his bike to escape their evil machinations, he grabs for the only item within his reach--a silver bell meant for an orphan back home. He rings the bell as mightily as he can. To the gremlins, the metallic ring is like a gong, ricocheting their puny brains against the walls of their skulls. They thrashed around, banging their heads against the stony ground, crying and stumbling madly to escape the fearful noise. The biker's strength is waning fast, but more beings than just the gremlins can hear his siren bell tolling. Two bikers had stopped to camp for the night --not far from where old graybeard lay injured and fighting for his life. They investigate the small musical sound, discover the hapless biker, and give him their aid. In thanks for their Samaritan ways, the biker gifts them two small bells from his saddlebag and tells them of the bells' warding powers. The Legend of the Gremlin Bell is born!

Tradition states that buying yourself a bell will still work against the road gremlins, but receiving a bell from a loved one increases its efficacy! The bell is meant to be hung on any part of the bike, though typically the closest to the road, the better. Guardian Bells may christen a boat, motorbike, backpack, keychain--anything that travels! They can be purchased in an array of different designs to match the personality of the recipient. Here at Curioaks, we offer the Pirate,

the Grim Reaper, the Celtic Cross, the Kraken, the Viking Vegvsir, and the Celtic Knot. More designs will likely be added in the future!

As for old graybeard, people say they can still see a grizzled biker with a soft heart for little orphans traveling that dusty old desert road at twilight...and he has his Gremlin Bell to thank for that!

Stay Curious--

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